Get Involved Globally

In 2016, Missio Scotland­—the official mission agency of the Catholic Church in Scotland—launched our Get Involved Globally (GIG) mission experience programme, which aims to offer a small group of adults or students the opportunity to visit church and school communities in an overseas country for 10-14 days.

Given that one of our goals as an organisation is to continue the mission of Jesus that all may have life and have it to the full (John 10:10b), we hope that a mission experience will prove a powerful tool in helping us to understand and involve ourselves in Jesus’ mission.

GIG 2018 Zambia 1.JPG

The purpose of these mission experiences is for our participants to experience life, faith and justice from a new perspective and return home inspired to live a personal sense of ‘mission’ in Scotland. A mission experience aims to touch the heart, engage the mind and nourish the spirit and will see participants spending time with the local community, sharing stories and being with people—including visiting those who care for the sick, look after orphans, teach children and many other initiatives through the programmes run by our mission partners.

GIG 2018 Zambia 3.jpg

Each Missio Scotland GIG experience comprises of a three phase process: preparation, the in-country experience and a debriefing and follow-up. In schools, we would look participants to begin the preparation part of the process in August of any given year, with the intention that those same students embark upon their mission experience the following summer. The estimated cost for each student is £1700.


We piloted the programme with six senior girls from John Ogilvie High School in Hamilton, who visited Zambia with Missio Scotland. During their mission experience, they stayed at the Novitiate of the Sisters

of St Charles Borromeo in Lusaka, visited the Mother of Mercy Hospice in Chilanga and spent time at St Columba’s Secondary School in Lusaka West. The experience opened their eyes and their hearts, perhaps it could do the same for students at your school or parish. If you’re interested, please get in touch.

More information, including  videos after previous trips and registration forms, are available below.