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The Church - One Family

And all who shared the faith owned everything in common; they sold their goods and possessions and distributed the proceeds among themselves according to what each one needed. (Acts 2:44-45)

The Church in Scotland

helping the Church, 

our brothers and sisters,

in other countries

Through Missio Scotland you can make an enormous difference in the lives of priests, sisters, brothers, sisters, parishes, seminarians and children in Africa, Asia, Central and South America who need your help.

The Church is one family - brothers and sisters who share material goods and prayers with one another.

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All of us have seen how the whole world has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

In many of places, such as in Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Pacific Islands and Asia, missionaries and local Catholic priests, religious sisters and parish communities are the only source of hope and help.

Pope Francis has called on everyone in the Church to help their brothers and sisters.

Children's Explain

what Missio does

and how children in Scotland

are sharing with children

in other parts of the world

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Pope Francis

Mission Sunday 2021






for the classroom

What is Missio

and what does it do?

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for priests in

mission countries

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Thoughts from

Fr. Vincent Lockhart

The Church

One Family

The gift you share feeds children

The gift you share provides education to children

The gift you share supports hospitals and clinics run by the Church

The gift you share builds churches, outstation chapels and convents

The gift you share makes the Church what God wants it to be

Missio - is the Scottish branch of the Pontifical Mission Societies

We are the Pope's official charity for overseas mission. Missio Scotland brings the hope of the Gospel where there is turmoil, poverty or uncertainty, and aid to where the Church is new, young or poor.

Missio Scotland empowers local people to form and sustain communities of faith.


We also help to train and nurture future leaders so that the vital work of the Church can continue to take place.

There are four sections of Missio, each with its own area of work.

Part of the global network of

Pontifical Mission Societies

Propagation of the Faith

Supporting missionaries, local clergy, religious and parish communities throughout the world.

Missionary Children (Society of Holy Childhood)

Catholic school children in Scotland have been helping children in other parts of the world for 100 years.

Society of St Peter the Apostle

Training seminarians and religious novices to serve the young Church throughout the world.

Missionary Union

Helping people to share in the life of the Church in other countries.

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