Lent is a time of journey. For example, we journey from the dark and cold days of winter to the lighter and warmer days of spring during this time. We also follow Jesus in His Journey, which had some cold and dark days too (most notably Holy Thursday and Good Friday). Jesus made the greatest sacrifice for us by dying on the cross, but His journey didn’t end there. It continued to the joy of His Resurrection on Easter Sunday and beyond that to Pentecost where His light and love were felt by people once more, bringing them in from the cold and out of darkness. His light and love continue to be felt by all of us to this day and during Lent, we are asked to remember the journey He made, which helps us to appreciate the strength of His love for us. We can continue to bask in that love if we try to live like Jesus and replicate all the good things that He said and did, while He was with us here on earth.

During Lent we are asked to share in His journey in a number of ways. We are asked to PRAY, meaning that we perhaps go to an extra Mass and pray more often. We are asked to FAST, meaning that we give up something (that could even mean our time to help others). And we are asked to take part in the practice of ALMSGIVING, which is another way of saying we are asked to give to charity and generally do good for others.

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Why not use some of our free downloadable activity sheets (below) to better understand the Lenten practices of FASTING, PRAYERand ALMSGIVING?


You will also learn a bit about how your funds have helped support the life journey of girl from Zambia named Heaven Ngulube coupled with a suggestion as to how you could embark on a symbolic journey in your schools and raise money at the same time for Missio Scotland by supporting our Mile for Mission fundraising initiative!