Take A Trip With Missio Scotland

At Missio Scotland, we are lucky enough to travel to mission countries and territories often, where we are able to see the life-giving and life-saving work being undertaken as a result of your generous donations!

One day, you might be able to travel with us, but until then, we thought we'd share with you a little bit about Christianity throughout the world, the role of missionaries and the work of Missio Scotland in different countries.

We've also included some tasks that can help you to learn more about some of these countries as well as a prayer in English and one of the other native languages. 


Why not go a little further too and fill in one of associated coin maps and then send it to us? Using what you have learned about one of the countries portrayed in the maps, why not decorate the surrounding area with drawings or clippings related to the countries themselves?

Malawi Fingerprint.png





Sierra Leone

Zambia Fingerprint.png