Children Helping Children

Missionary Children is the Catholic Church’s official missionary charity for children. Its motto is 'children helping children.'

Under its original name of Holy Childhood, Missionary Children has been active in Catholic schools for 170 years. The contributions of children in Scotland enables us to carry out education, medical and welfare projects in the poorest areas of the world.

Under its banner ‘children helping children,’ monies raised through schools are directed towards self-help programmes involving the building of schools, the provision of health and nutrition programmes and medications, school fees, and teaching and learning resources.

Children in communities, orphanages, homes for the disabled, refugees, and those living on the streets are assisted by the generosity of children who wish to help make the love of Jesus known everywhere.

Funding and Support

In Scotland, the Society of the Holy Childhood is called Missionary Children and the funds for its work are raised by children attending Catholic primary schools throughout the country. Here are three projects that have been funded in the recent past by the Catholic children of Scotland:

Mother of Perpetual Help Centre

Nong Bua - Thailand

Run by the Reverend Brother Damien Lunders of the Society of the Divine Word, the centre provides support to almost 400 needy children (right), who are the victims of HIV/AIDS or whose parents suffer from the disease. The centre gives the children food supplements, milk, medical care and education. This support is necessary to ensure that the babies and young children receive proper nourishment and medical care. Though the number of children with HIV has reduced, many poor families are still affected.

Amount given: £18,000


Martyrs of Uganda Parish - Ghana

The aim is provide for 820 children.

The parish is located in a very poor area.


The objective is to construct a primary school in the parish so that children no longer have to make the long journey and drop out of school.


There are 820 children in total.


The local community have raised 75 per cent of the funds needed.

Amount given: £9,700

St Michael's Nursery School


St Michael's Catholic Church is an outstation of St Theresa's Parish. The area is very deprived and poor families survive by farming.


The construction of a nursery school will help to provide good quality education to 250 poor and needy children.

Amount given: £11,200


Help for disabled children

Peru - South America

Many children with disabilities in the Andes mountains in Peru, have to stay at home all day because there is nothing for them.


Children in Scotland have helped to fund a centre for disabled children in the Sicuani area of Peru so they can have education and equipment.


Amount given: £5,000