Missionary Saints

One of the greatest resources we have in the Catholic Church is the experience of the lives of the saints. These were ordinary people who became great through their service to God, the Church and the world. In bringing the Good News to others they became an example of the Christian life and an inspiration to all of us. Missio Scotland has produced materials, which hopefully will help our young people come to know these saints and help them to understand the Church’s mission of communicating God’s love to others in words and actions.


The Bishops of Scotland have endorsed these materials and ask that they be used in Catholic schools particularly by children who are preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. The Bishops have also suggested that Missionary Children could particularly be the focus charity for those preparing for Confirmation.

The Missionary Saints Books can be ordered by calling or e-mailing us at the Missio Scotland office or by visiting our online shop. The accompanying Missionary Saints Activity Book and Missionary Saints Plays are available to download, for free, below. 

The Missionary Saints Book provides a charming introduction to the life and works of numerous saints from across the five continents. It is a bright and colourful resource which offers a useful insight into the lives of the missionary saints for pupils preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. The accompanying resources allow students the opportunity to reflect on the faith which inspired the saints and the actions they undertook in order to bring the Good News to others. It is my hope that in reading and reflecting upon the lives of
these missionary saints, pupils will be inspired by their example and be eager to follow in their footsteps. In commending this resource, I want to thank Missio Scotland for offering it to us for our young candidates for Confirmation.


Yours devotedly in Christ, Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, Archbishop of Glasgow