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Learning to receive in order to give

NATIONAL DIRECTOR'S BLOG I WENT to Africa to find the will of God. Three years before this, I had cancelled my ordination to the priesthood, got a flat in the west end of Glasgow and a job in the north east of the city. However, I was still a deacon and had said 'yes' to God so I could not just drift along. The issue had to be sorted. I took up an offer to go to a remote parish in Cameroon, West Africa, to try and understand what I should do with my life. After a year of living with the Bangwa people, I gradually came to the realisation that God was calling me to the priesthood. Rural Africa has a way of simplifying the complicated European heart and soul. There were no mobile phones, no int

A worker in the Lord's vineyard

ST GEORGE’S Parish in Masumba, in the east of Zambia was created by His Lordship George Lungu in 2016. It was part of St Mary´s Parish in Chikowa. I came to this parish in May of 2016 and shortly afterwards in the August of that same year, we began to function as a parish. Of course, mentoring the Catholic community to accept and take ownership of the new parish reality comes with its own benefits, demands, challenges and joys. Benefits Masumba was created as a sub-parish in order to cut down on the long distances people were forced to cover to reach the parish centre in Chikowa. It was also hoped that pastoral care would be brought closer to the people as a result of having a priest in thei

Film to raise funds for Uganda trip

GLASGOW Fort’s Vue Cinema is playing host to a special screening of the film Bakhita: From Slave to Saint to raise funds for young people travelling to Uganda with Missio Scotland this year. The ten students, who hail from St John Ogilvie High School and Holy Cross High School, both in Hamilton, are travelling to the African country as part of Missio Scotland’s Get Involved Globally (GIG) initiative. GIG is a mission experience programme, which aims to offer a small group of adults or students the opportunity to visit church and school communities in an overseas country for 10-14 days. Given that one of Missio Scotland’s goals as an organisation is to continue the mission of Jesus that all m

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