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Paradise is found in God's love

MARTIN Atemnkeng was a clever man. He knew what people liked. He also knew how to make a franc or two. He ran the 'Paradise Bar' next to the market place in Menji, a growing village in a remote part of south west Cameroon in West Africa. The Paradise was a great place for people to buy bottles of beer, sit and catch up on the latest gossip and find out the latest intrigue going on at the Chief’s palace. Despite the remoteness of his location, Atemnkeng had ambitions. He was always thinking of ways to attract people to his bar. More people, more money. So one fine day in the dry season, he took off to Nigeria, the country next door to Cameroon, where the latest gadgets and attractions could b

MSP's on a mission for Missio Scotland

IT WAS a great honour and privilege to be invited to take up the position as first patron of Missio Scotland. As Missio is the Pope’s official charity for overseas missions, I wanted to be sure that I could carry out the functions required before accepting such an important position. Following an initial discussion with Martin Mann—Missio Scotland’s Education and Fundraising Officer—I accepted the role and then had a helpful and informative meeting with National Director, Fr Vincent Lockhart and the team at their premises in Coatbridge. I am now keen to start work promoting Missio Scotland, raising the profile amongst parliamentarians and supporting the charity wherever I can. I first became

Global focus at Gartmore retreat

THE staff and students who are set to travel to Uganda this October as part of Missio Scotland’s Get Involved Globally initiative got their preparations underway recently with a weekend retreat at Gartmore Residential House. The group comprised of: Martin Mann from Missio Scotland; Sister Stacey Cameron from the Sisters of St Peter Claver; Fr Philip Marsh from the Spiritan Fathers; pupils from the Hamilton High Schools of Holy Cross and St John Ogilvie; and Roisin Rea, Depute Headteacher at Holy Cross and Peter Galloway, Depute Headteacher at St John Ogilvie. Over the course of the weekend, the group (above) explored the themes of poverty and mission, the increase in ‘voluntourism’ and also

Sisters support those with special gifts

A FEW years ago, Missio Scotland had the privilege of supporting Scottish-born Sister Placida McCann and her fellow Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception in their work with disabled children in Kenya. Sr Placida explained to us that, in many places—such as Kericho where they work—a disabled child is viewed as a burden and not the blessing that they should be, that families of the child are often ostracised and both the parents and the children themselves find themselves in need of love, support and care. The sisters—who work of out of the Live With Hope Centre in the Motobo area of Kericho—had prior experience of tackling many similar issues that those affected by HIV/AIDS and thei

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