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Taylor High's hair-raising experience for Missio

THE teachers at Taylor High School in Motherwell underwent a hair-raising experience recently to raise money for Missio Scotland. An extended lunch time was organised to hold an event dedicated to raising funds for the Scottish branch of the Pope’s official charity for overseas missions and those gathered in the assembly saw five male members of staff have their legs waxed (above), before they were treated to a karaoke performance by the female members of staff. Siobhan O’Brien, a Geography Teacher at the school—who organised the event—joined Missio Scotland volunteer Niamh Provan to perform the treatment, a duty that they both seemed to take great delight in carrying out. Both Siobhan and N

Even wounds can be transformed

I ALWAYS wondered why Jesus still kept the wounds on His hands and feet and in His side after He rose from the dead. Surely a risen and glorified body would be ‘perfect’ and without blemish? Surely the terrible events of the Cross should be a thing of the past and those disfiguring wounds glossed over in glory. And yet He chose to keep them. He did not hide or disguise them but openly showed them to His disciples. Even wounds can be transformed. With the resurrection, Jesus’ wounds were given a new meaning. They were now a sign of love shown, of the power of love over cruelty and death and the way love can give a new meaning to even the most negative of circumstances. Jesus’ wounds became a

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