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A determination to reflect kindness shown

AS A sixth-year student at St John Ogilvie High School I was presented with the unique opportunity to take part in a Missio Scotland-led mission experience to Uganda. However, I was completely unaware of the profound impact that it would have on me. Unbeknown to me, I was on a collision course with a new perspective that it would give me to inform and guide my faith. The cliché of trips such as this being ‘life-changing’ that was often parroted to me in the build-up to this journey is something I had no way of knowing would be undeniably true. A large part of this journey—for the nine other pupils and I—was the fundraising we undertook in order to raise money for the costs of travel, vaccina

Africa has much to teach us and much to give

I CAN still remember when Sr Stella Niwagira arrived in Scotland. I was 18 and just a few months from entering the community in Bellshill where she had come to stay. From day one she stood out. She had an infectious personality and laugh that attracted people from all walks of life. When I joined the community as Postulant, I accompanied her every now and then on her mission appeals. As she stood up to speak, the people would hang on her every word. She would tell them of her native Uganda and of her village, Nyarushanje. Nyarushanje is a sub county in the Rukungiri district in Western Uganda. The Rukungiri district is bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo to the northwest and by the

Faith in action can change lives

IT COMES as a bit of a surprise to think that it has been over a year since we were chosen by our school and Missio Scotland to take part in a missionary trip to Uganda. Understandably, it was a trip that required a great deal of fundraising and preparation. With regard to the former, we received overwhelming support from our parishes and schools via coffee mornings, bag-packing, fundraising nights, bingo evenings and so much more. The fundraising events were held not merely to fund our trip, but also to ensure that that we would be in a position to give donations to the projects and schools that we would visit while in Uganda. That wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of our p

Scottish priest's sadness at coronavirus situation in Ecuador

Gerard Gough MISSIO Scotland’s previous Diocesan Director for Galloway, Fr Martin Chambers, expressed his shock and sadness at the situation currently being faced by his former parishioners dealing with the coronavirus situation in Ecuador. Accused of leaving the bodies on the streets to their own fate without proper burial rituals, the government and local officials have faced a barrage of criticisms from relatives of patients who passed away due to the virus. Images have recently emerged from Guayaquil—the archdiocese where Fr Chambers lived for many years serving the people there—of people abandoning the bodies of their relatives in the streets because the local authorities, overwhelmed b

Ugandan mission trip was an education

LAST October, 10 Catholic students from Hamilton—five from Holy Cross High School and five from St John Ogilvie High School—travelled to Uganda with Sister Stacey Cameron of the Sisters of St Peter Claver, Martin Mann from Missio Scotland, myself and two other teachers. Sr Stacey and Martin—who had both liaised with Sr Stella Niwagira in Uganda—had put a great deal of planning into the trip. The pupils too had organised many fundraising events and collected many donations—including pens, pencils, jotters, clothes, football strips and footballs—from their respective school communities to support the schools in Uganda and the projects which were to be visited. So when the time came to leave Gl

Pope sets up emergency fund to support missionary work

Gerard Gough POPE Francis (above) has established an emergency fund in response to the Coronavirus crisis to support ongoing missionary work throughout the world. The Holy Father set up the special fund via the Pontifical Mission Societies—his official charity for overseas mission—of which Missio Scotland is the Scottish branch. The funds will be directed to communities who have been hit hardest by the global pandemic. The Emergency Fund will be used to accompany impacted communities in mission countries and territories via Church structures and institutions. “Coronavirus is affecting the whole world especially those countries least able to deal with it,” Fr Vincent Lockhart, Missio Scotland

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