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Feeding His sheep in Peru

Missio Scotland hopes to continue to play our part in supporting those with disabilities worldwide via one of our focus projects this year.

Remember #WeAreStillHere!

Gerard Gough EARLIER this year, Pope Francis highlighted his passion for the Pontifical Mission Societies—known here as Missio Scotland—saying the mission is at the heart and identity of the Church, and the worldwide network reflects the rich variety of the 'people with a thousand faces.' Now, a new initiative by the various National Offices of the PMS throughout the world—entitled #WeAreStillHere—aims to shine a light on some of the faces of those who have continued to serve the communities in the mission countries and territories in which they work, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the pandemic has understandably created feelings of fear and uncertainty, the Church in the missi

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