Learn about the work that Missio Scotland carries out on your behalf all over the world and have fun doing it with our Top Trumps cards! You can also top up your knowledge of the lives of the Missionary Saints and pray to them. Missio Scotland Top Trumps cards are a fantastic resource for any Catholic pupil who wants to learn more about the charity and the saints. So why not order some for your home, school or parish today?


Schools who choose to order more than 5 packs are eligible for a 15% discount. Call or e-mail us to find out how your school can avail of this discount!

Missio Scotland Top Trumps

  • Missio Scotland Top Trumps takes inspiration from the popular children’s card game, but has a specific charity and faith focus. Contained within the deck are five cards relating to each continent—whose colours correspond to those on the Mission Rosary—which, on one side contain the name and picture of a child from one of the countries in the given continent and select facts about it along with a story about related Missio projects in that country on the reverse. In addition there are 15 gold cards included that relate to the organisation’s Missionary Saints set of resources, which include a photo and select facts about one of the saints on one side of the card as well as a prayer to them on the flip side.