Propagation of the Faith

Supporting communities in mission worldwide

The Society for the Propagation of the Faith aims to continue the mission of Jesus in the world.

It assists each and every one of the Catholic Church’s 1100 mission dioceses throughout the world to provide pastoral care and preach the Gospel effectively by building churches, training Church leaders and supporting the local communities.

The society works with local Churches to provide an ordinary subsidy for the day to day running of the diocese and to offer spiritual healing and practical assistance to the communities with the greatest needs.

It supports the young Church by responding to requests to help build chapels and churches, pastoral centres, clinics and hospitals and to provide medications, pastoral care and emergency relief.

Funding and support

The Society for the Propagation of the Faith's funds come from the Mission Sunday collections in parishes throughout Scotland and from donors. Here are a selection of some of projects that we have supported in the recent past in Ghana and Zambia:

1) St Alban's Chapel at Fetentaa Refugee Camp, Ghana

During the peak of the civil war in the Ivory Coast in 2011, more than 5000 refugees entered the Brong Ahafo region in Sunyani Diocese. After the elections, some of the refugees returned home, while others remained behind in the
camp because their areas still remain insecure. The Catholics in the camp conduct their Sunday Services in a tent, hence the need to build a church structure particularly because of rains, but also so they feel that their faith is valued.

Amount given: £11,000

2) Construction of a Convent for the Medical Sisters of St Joseph at Makayili, Yendi, Ghana

The sisters run a Home for God's Children. As they have no Convent at the moment, each of them are living in the home of one of the staff who assists them. The sisters need to be able to build a Convent so that they can live a religious life of community and prayer.

Amount given: £37,000

3) Drilling of three boreholes in Kasweta, Thathwe and Mpepa Parishes, Chipata, Zambia

Mpepa and Thanthwe are new parishes and being totally new places they all need structures befitting a parish.
One such need is for water, hence the need to drill boreholes. Kasweta is an outstation of Chikowa parish in its remotest part. The installation of a water system will not only be for  the outstation but the surrounding community as well.

Amount Given: £6000

4) Renovation of Mary of Help of Christians Parish Church, Chilubula, Zambia

Chilubula Parish has a population of about 40,000 people of which 65 per cent are Catholics. The church there was built with baked bricks using clay and wooden materials for doors and windows, which have so far been destroyed by termites. The parish community has collected local materials for the renovation of the church.

Amount given: £4200

Missio Scotland is a company limited by guarantee. Registered Charity Number: SC014858

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