World Mission Sunday

World Mission Sunday falls on the penultimate Sunday in October and is the climax of Mission Month, a time in which we ask schools and parishes to focus more fully on the work of missions and missionaries worldwide. World Mission Sunday is the one Sunday in the year when the Mass is celebrated exclusively for missionary activity. Donations are collected at these worldwide Masses and they go to support churches, hospitals, schools and vocations in countries where the Church is new, young or poor.

In 2018, World Mission Sunday will be celebrated on Sunday, October 21.

World Mission Sunday is our chance to show love and solidarity to our brothers and sisters overseas who share our faith. In offering our prayers, we join with missionaries everywhere in communion and compassion to support them in spreading the Good News, and by giving a donation we respond to Christ's call to feed the hungry and clothe the naked.

Missio Scotland—the Scottish branch of the Pontifical Mission Societies—is responsible for coordinating World Mission Sunday and provides new, young or poor dioceses with the essential support they need on their journey to becoming self-sufficient.

Missio Scotland works through local bishops, churches and missionary congregations to ensure that resources are distributed equitably and justly on the basis of need. The money goes directly from Scotland to the bishops in the mission territories—local church directly helping local church!

Reflections and Resources

Missio Scotland is a company limited by guarantee. Registered Charity Number: SC014858

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