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St Anthony's Children's Faith Formation


St Anthony's Children's Faith Formation

296 children benefited

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The Parish of St. Anthony of Mohipara, in the Diocese of Rajshahi, has been a full-fledged parish since 2007. The people are poor. Children from different villages attend the parish primary and junior high schools. The religious sisters and catechists instruct the village people in the Christian faith. Together with the priests, they work hard to deepen the faith and to encourage the Gospel values in the people.

This faith formation and animation of children project works at both the village and Parish level. The activities include catechism classes, religious hymn practice, prayer sessions and retreats for children. The villages are scattered and far from the Parish centre. The Missionary Children helpers visit the individual villages to organise programs for small groups of children. For a better formation and education, the children are gathered at the parish centre at least once week.

This continuation of the project is only possible due to the help given by Missionary Children. Thanks to your gifts, the children are provided with text-books, tuition fees, food, dress, school uniforms and medicines.

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