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St Therese of the Child Jesus Orphanage


St Therese of the Child Jesus Orphanage

50 children benefited

Help our brothers and sisters in Africa by giving a gift to Missionary Children today.


The Loumbila Orphanage is in itself a missionary witness to the hospitality and aid provided to people in difficulty - especially children. Everyone is welcome for catechesis, preparation for the sacraments, and those who live out their life in the Christian faith.

The Orphanage takes in children in difficulty and those from other social and medical centers in the Loumbila territory. Spirulina is a food supplement for the nutrition of those children.

This project helps fund the he construction of new collection basins (electrical system, seeds, etc.) and a laboratory (cultivation, harvesting, packaging) which will increase the production of spirulina and guarantee the self-financing of the orphanage.

Your gifts continue to help the orphanage support those children most in need.

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