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Christmas cheer at St Joseph's

A CATHOLIC Primary School in Inverness, which has been raising money for Missio Scotland since opening in 1943 has brought some added Christmas cheer to the charity by passing on its most recent donation of £650!

The funds were raised by the pupils in a variety of ways including a Wear what you want day, a cake and cookies stall (above) and also by simply donating small change to the Missio Scotland boxes in their classrooms and at home.“Missio Scotland has been our dedicated school charity since St Joseph’s opened in 1943,” Majella Martin, St Joseph’s RE Co-ordinator said. “All of the children of the school support the charity throughout the year.

“We collect in class at register time and it is wonderful to see the pupils bringing in a small (or sometimes not so small!) coin or two, some every day. We also hold a whole school Missio Scotland event in October where every family takes home a Missio Scotland box and works to donate as much as they can.“We are very proud of how our pupils embrace the values of Missio Scotland, and Primary 6 in particular have incorporated their learning about Missio Scotland in their journey towards becoming Global Citizens. In September, they proved that they really were ‘Children helping Children’ when they raised a fabulous £181.88 by hosting a Wear what you want and Cakes and cookies event.

“Our own school motto is ‘Together we believe, together we achieve’ and we feel that our pupils have shown that they love to work and pray together to help those less fortunate.”

The funds raised by St Joseph’s will go to the Missionary Children branch of the PMS, the Church’s Mission Charity for children. In Scotland, it works in tandem with Catholic Primary Schools and asks children to do two things every day: Pray for the children in mission areas of the world and donate a small coin. Missionary Children joins with children all over the world to help some of the poorest children in the world, children of all faiths or none and also seeks to develop young people and prepare them as the missionaries of the future. Its funds help to: Build clinics, supply medicines and nutritional help, support education projects for children (building, funding and supplying schools). The donations help to develop a child both in an educational and spiritual sense.

To learn more about the work of Missio Scotland you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @Missio_Scotland

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