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A five star performance from St Bride's

ST BRIDE’S Primary School in Cambuslang recently became the first primary in Scotland to be awarded the title of a Five Star Missio Scotland School.

The initiative began life in 2022 with the aim of encouraging more schools here to engage more fully with the Pope’s Charity for overseas mission and the Bishops of Scotland’s chosen charity for Catholic primary schools.

To become a Five Star Missio Scotland school, schools must complete all the tasks shown on our Five Star Missio Scotland Schools poster namely:


  • Pray the Mission Rosary during May or Mission Month (October)

  • Fundraise for Missio Scotland

  • Commission Missio Scotland Champions

  • Enter our Christmas Artwork Contest

  • Put on a Missionary Saints play


When all of these tasks have been completed and Missio Scotland has been provided with evidence (photo, video, social media post), the appropriate star is sent out to the school. When a school has a star for each of the five tasks on your chart, they become a Five Star Missio Scotland School—like St Bride’s—and receive their own Missy Moo mascot.


Given that the Motherwell Diocesan primary school was the first in Scotland to achieve the feat, not only do they now proudly boast their own Missy Moo, but they also received a special award to mark the achievement, presented to them in the school by Missio Scotland staff, much to the delight of headteacher, Louise Torrance, who spoke in glowing terms of the work of the Pope’s charity and why they are so steadfast in their support.

“Missio Scotland is a wonderful organisation which enables our pupils to learn about the lives of children across the world,” she said. “Through prayer and fundraising our children can help those children who do not have what they have in their lives. The simple things of food, clean water, access to education and opportunities to develop life skills. It's as simple as the motto says, 'children helping children’ and we do have lots of fun through our fundraising events too!”


Her sentiments were echoed by class teacher, Colette McAlpine, who added: “Missio Scotland is a wonderful charity and we are very proud to have received the Five Star Missio Scotland School Award. Our school community want to make a difference to children around the world and have taken part in all of the activities with enthusiasm.”


The last word must go to the children of St Bride’s themselves, who were responsible for making their Five Star Missio Scotland Schools accolade happen and who are fully aware of the life-saving and life-giving work of Missio Scotland.


"We enjoy taking part in all the fundraising activities, especially the raffles which are exciting. The activities are all great fun but more importantly they help children throughout the world that are less fortunate than ourselves." 

Primary 7


"Missio Scotland is about helping children around the world who are in need.”

Kaiah Murray P5


"Missio Scotland is about praying for children around the world who need fresh water, education and food to live." 

Mirren O'Donnell P5


"Missio Scotland is about even doing something or giving something small that can make a big change.”

Caitlyn Trainer P5


"To me Missio Scotland is about  making sure every child in the world is equal."

Michael Quinn P5


“Missio Scotland is about showing love to other people and making new friends.”

Juliette P4


“Missio Scotland is a really loving charity so people should try to help it.”

Savannah P4


“Even if you only give a little bit of money to Missio Scotland it still helps.”

Emmi P4


“I really like how Missio Scotland helps children from other countries.”

Niamh P4


“Missio Scotland is a really good charity because it helps other children in the world who don't have what we have.”

Clara P4


“You should always be kind to people who are sad, like Missio Scotland is.”

Katie P4 


“I like giving to Missio Scotland because it helps people in need.”

Aizah P4


“Through Missio Scotland, we get to be kind and help children round the world.”

Milly P1


“We show kindness to everyone. We try and raise money for Missio Scotland so that we can help people.”

Olivia  P1


“Missio Scotland is changing the world bit by bit.”

Aneeqa P1


To find our more about how your school can become a Five Star Missio Scotland School and to see our schools engagement pathway, visit:




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