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"Hearts on fire, feet on the move"

Luke 24:13-35

St Joseph Vaz Shrine

St Joseph Vaz was an Indian Missionary who helped restore Catholicism in Sri Lanka. As a result, he became the first saint of the country. Today there exists a very humble shrine to the much loved saint which is visited by thousands every year on his feast day. 

Missio Scotland will be supporting Fr Rufus, the caretaker of the current shrine, to build a more substantial place of worship to accommodate the many visitors who come to honour St Joseph Vaz throughout the year.

St Thomas Parish Women's Project

In the missionary parish of St Thomas, an interfaith group brings single mothers from both the Catholic and Buddhist communities together. The women make garments from offcuts and sell them, enabling them to provide for their families.   

With the help of parish priest, Fr Sanjaya, Missio Scotland will be supporting these women by funding the purchase of new sewing machines. This will allow the women to work from home whilst providing an income for their families.

Infant Jesus Parish Hall

The missionary parish of The Infant Jesus currently has no church hall. The lack of facilities makes it difficult for the Sunday School teachers to effectively guide the local children in religious education.

Missio Scotland will be supporting local priest Fr Dilran to complete the construction of the church hall. This will be enjoyed not only by the children but the whole parish community.

You can make a difference

Give a gift to help support our Mission Sunday 2023 Sri Lanka projects today

In preparation for  Mission Sunday 2023, parishes will receive packs containing our 'We Are Mission' magazine.

In addition, a copy of the resources listed below will also be included which can be used for both the preparation and celebration of Mission Sunday.

Mission Sunday Parish Resources

ND Letter

National Director's letter can be used as the homily on Mission Sunday

Bulletin Inserts

Inserts for weeks before, after and on the day of Mission Sunday

Prayers of the Faithful

Prayers of the Faithful for use during Mission Sunday the mass

WMS 2023 Poster

Poster can be placed in the porch to inform parishioners

Parish Remittance Slip

Details of how to submit your parish collection

Gift Aid Form

Sign up and Gift Aid form for individual donors

St Patrick's College

St Patrick's College is a Catholic school located in the tea planation area of Sri Lanka. The children who attend often live in harsh conditions and go to school hungry.


Missio Scotland will be supporting Sr Agnese and the Comboni Missionary Sisters who teach in the school to provide extra food and after hours classes to the children of the tea plantation workers. 

World Mission Sunday is a day set aside for the Catholic Church throughout the world to publicly renew its commitment to the missionary movement. It is a day when our Holy Father appeals to us all for both spiritual and financial support for overseas missionaries. You can read Pope Francis' message for World Mission Sunday here.


Sri Lanka is Missio Scotland's focus country for 2023 where we will be supporting four projects. Click on the 'We Are Mission' image below to browse our Mission Sunday magazine and read more about the projects.

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