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Play your cards right with Missio!

MISSIO Scotland has continued to add to its growing schools resources with the launch of a colourful card game, which the charity hopes will encourage children to learn more about its work worldwide, the lives of the Missionary Saints and have fun into the bargain.

Missio Scotland, the Scottish branch of the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS)—the Pope’s own charity and official mission aid agency of the Catholic Church—has produced Missio Scotland Top Trumps, which takes inspiration from the popular children’s card game, but has a specific charity and faith focus.

Contained within the deck are five cards relating to each continent—whose colours correspond to those on the Mission Rosary—which, on one side contain the name and picture of a child from one of the countries in the given continent and select facts about it along with a story about a related Missio project in that country on the reverse. In addition there are 15 gold cards included that relate to the organisation’s Missionary Saints set of resources, which include a photo and select facts about one of the saints on one side of the card as well as a prayer to them on the flip side.

“I’m delighted to see the Missio Scotland Top Trumps resource finally come to fruition,” Gerard Gough, Communications Officer for Missio Scotland said. “A lot of hard work, from everyone here at Missio Scotland, has gone into producing them and we are certain that they will become a valuable resource for our Catholic schools.

“While many of these schools are already aware of much of the work of Missio Scotland undertakes—and indeed have raised much-needed funds for the children all over the world—we hope that this new resource will enable schools to learn more about our work, as well as some geographical and faith-based facts about certain countries. It will help them to see just how universal their faith really is and bring alive to them our motto of Children Helping Children.

“We also hope that the pupils will use it to enhance their knowledge about the lives of the Missionary Saints and as an instrument to pray to them too. Let’s not forget though, we want the children to have fun while playing the game!”

Each Catholic primary school in Scotland will receive a sample deck of the Missio Scotland Top Trumps in their schools packs, which will be sent out in September of this year, the start of the new school year. The decks of cards will also be able to purchase via our online store for £4 per pack, via the following link: Schools can also avail of a discount of 15 per cent when buying five packs or more. To obtain the discount code simply call us on 01236 449774 or e-mail:

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