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Missionary Saints


Mission Rosary


Advent, Lent and Pentecost

Missy Moo



Mission Month


Missionary Saints

Missionary Saints Activity Book

Companion resource to Missionary Saints Book and Missionary Saints Plays (both available in online shop)

St Therese

Talking about St Therese

Little Way Week can be incorporated into Mission Month in October

Little Way Activity

Little Way Assembly

St Joseph

Colour in St Joseph & Jesus

Helping pupils to reflect more fully on the role of St Joseph in the life of Jesus

St Joseph Assembly


Mission Rosary

How to pray the Mission Rosary

The Mission Rosary is made up of five different colours - one for every continent in the world where Missio helps those in need

Explaining the Mission Rosary

Class workshops

My Mission Prayer

Worldwide Prayers



Star of hope

Our Advent resources can be used by homes and parishes as well as schools

Peace paperchain

Joyful Angels

A gift for the world

The Nativity

Christmas Artwork Entry Form 2023


A Journey with Jesus

Our Lenten resources explain the practices of fasting, prayer and almsgiving

Mission Stations of the cross

Lenten Calendar

Roll the dice

Activities for the season of Lent

The gift of prayer


Mile for Mission

Good deed crosses

Confirmation / Pentecost

Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Use these resources to compliment Confirmation preparation or to celebrate the feast of Pentecost

Read all about it

The fire of faith

Studying the Saints

Let the Holy Spirit work



Oceania Worksheet

Colour, dot to dot and learn your way across all five continents with Missy Moo

Asia Worksheet

Americas Worksheet

Africa Worksheet

Europe Worksheet

Missionary Children

Map of Missionary Children

Learn and pray with children around the world

Oceania Map

Asia Map

Americas Map

Africa Map

Europe Map

Prayer Collage

Prayer Collage

Make your own Mission Cross prayer collage

Mission Prayer

Mission Prayer

Write your own Misison Prayer wih Missy Moo

Five Finger Rosary

Five Finger Rosary

Pray the Five Finger Rosary wih Missy Moo

Mission Flag

Mission Flag

Design a Mission Flag with Missy Moo


Use Missio Scotland's resources to learn about the saints, pray the mission rosary, prepare for the sacraments and play around the world with Missy Moo.


Crazy Hair Day

Why not dye your hair the colours of the continents?

Mile for Mission

Get involved in Missio's showcase schools fundraiser and walk a Mile for Mission

Missionary Children's Prayer

Pray a little while giving a little with our Missionary Children's Prayer



Missionary Children's Mass 1

“Go out to the whole world and tell everyone what I have done.”

Missionary Children's Mass 2

“If you have love for one another, then everyone will know that you are my disciples.”

Missionary Children's Mass 3

“Go help everyone, everywhere to follow me.”

Prayer Services

Missionary Children's Prayer Service 1

A short guide to weekly prayer services during October

Missionary Children's Prayer Service 2

Missionary Children's Prayer Service 3

Prayer Calendar

Missionary Children's Prayer Calendar

Pause for daily reflection during Mission Month


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